Hair Extensions Inspired by Selena Gomez

 Selena Gomez Inspired Hair Extensions

If you haven’t noticed, Selena Gomez has been rocking some seriously gorgeous hair extensions these days. Aside from her celebrity status, her long, shiny, brown hair is a topic in and of itself. Selena has fans and admirers around the world eager to learn about her secrets regarding her glamorous extensions. Luckily, we are here to give you the simple info you need when it comes to getting a look just like Selena’s!

It is no secret that Selena spends more than an average amount of money on her extensions… and it really shows! When it comes to your hair extensions, top quality is essential, and purchasing extensions that will look completely natural does not come cheap.  The finest quality hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, and can be cut, colored, flat ironed or curled just like your natural hair.

If you desire the best looking extensions, then you have to seek an experienced professional who will choose the right type of hair extensions for you, expertly apply them and blend them in to your cut and style.  Do a little research about the different types of hair extensions, which include fusion extensions, clip in extensions and tape in extensions so that you can ask good questions when interviewing a stylist.  When it comes to hair extensions, with Selena Gomez as living proof, you will get what you pay for.

Hair extensions are an investment and this is important to keep in mind. They require upkeep and maintenance, just like your natural hair,  to ensure they look soft and natural for months. And just as hair extensions need to be applied by a specialist, only a trained professional should attempt to remove them to avoid seriously damaging your hair.

Although you may not be a millionaire like Selena, you most definitely can achieve her same red carpet look here at GloExtensions! Heather Occhionero is a certified hair extension specialist whose services are sought after by clients all around the United States. Heather, because of her extensive experience and steady hands, can make sure your end result is nothing less than stunning. If you are serious about getting hair extensions, visit Hair Extensions 101, view our clients' Before & After pictures and read Client Testimonials.

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Posted for GloExtensions by Taylor E. Hensel