Summer Hair: Humidity Happens

summer hairThe summer months bring a whole new set of challenges for your hair. Whether you are trying to maintain a straight or curly look, exposure to moisture will surely send your hair back to its natural state. Don’t let frizz ruin your summer hair; prepare your locks for the unexpected!

Summer Hair: fight the frizz

For some, wild beach hair is nearly next to impossible to achieve. If you are someone who struggles to keep frizz at bay, take the proper steps to lock in hydration before leaving the house! Remember to fully dry your hair before heading out, as wet hair is always more likely to attract humidity. Avoid roughly blow drying your hair, as this upsets hair cuticles. Rather, focus more of the drying power on the end of your hair which will cause hair cuticles to lay flat. Lastly, seal your cuticles by sending a blast of cool air throughout your hair!

Summer hair: defrizz on the gofrizzy hair

The tousled look gone astray works for no one. Don’t be caught without stylers like Moroccan oil or other light serums that target flyways and bring beautiful summer hair back to life! After you have sealed your hair, spritz away with an aerosol hairspray to firmly secure your look. Avoid using non-areosol hairsprays as they often reintroduce moisture back into your hair which results in more frizz. Keep your summer hair looking flawless and frizz free no matter the weather!

Summer Hair: find your product

The beauty of your summer hair hinges on finding the right products for your locks and their unique qualities.Targeting the problem and taking control of frizz starts with learning what’s best for your hair. This step is crucial but can also be the most challenging, so let us help you! Make your free consultation today with Glo and learn what works best for you and how to properly maintain the health of your hair!