Instant Balayage Looks with Hair Extensions by Glo Salon in Denver

Reinvigorate your attitude and your hair color by getting a gorgeous set of hair extensions from Glo Denver Salon.

Our staff is the ultimate at crafting just the right hair extensions to suit whatever look you need. So whether you just want long flowing gorgeous locks that match your own or you want to get a little bit trendy by going for something in the ombre hair or balayage hair color, let’s explore the differences so you can find out what is right for your own look. You have probably heard of ombre hair, but you may be unfamiliar with balayage. These are hair color techniques that can take your look from regular to extraordinary.

Balayage with Hair Extensions

Balayage is the art of hand painted highlights. That means foils aren’t used for these so they look more natural and unique. The Glo Denver colorist can have a lot of fun planning just the right look to your specifications. The options are truly endless with how you want your color to look. If you are new to coloring your hair this is also a great way to start the process because it’s not so specific that you have to color very often. The grow out phase looks pretty natural for the most part. This is low-maintenance dream hair for most on-the-go gals.

Hair Color Fun with Balayage

Whether you want to do ombre or balayage, you can do so many unique colors with the help of hair extensions. If you have pictures of a look in a fashion magazine or have one that you like, feel free to bring them in so the colorist can get the full picture of the color and fullness that you want. 

They will, of course, make recommendations based on your skin tone, lifestyle, look you want achieve, and desired level of maintenance. You can do something completely wild and free, like a deep sexy violet that blends into a pastel based plum or you can use fantasy colors such as pink, blue and purple to add a special effect to your ends. It’s up to you on how wild you want to go with your hair color. The sky’s the limit here. Go wherever your vision and imagination takes you. The best part about hair extensions is the fantasy fun of it all which is enhanced by a fantastic ombre hair or balayage hair color.