Get Your Pumpkin Spice Hair Color in Denver

Most of us know that when the fall season comes around, pumpkin spice invades your coffee, foods, and now hair color? That’s right pumpkin spice hair color is now a trend and if we are being honest, we love it!  This hair color is absolutely stunning and perfect for the fall and winter months. Like most color trends, there are different ways to achieve the look and many variations depending on skin tone and personal preference. But what is this trend exactly?

Pumpkin Spice is a blend of colors

Pumpkin spice hair is a seasonal trend that has more copper undertones rather than browns and rich chocolate colors. This color look is the magical combination of technique and color usage to create a look that is rich, blended and warm. No we are not talking about coffee here! Why would this trend be of interest to you? We’ll tell you why!

This seasonal trend looks good on just about anyone because it is customizable. Keep in mind that the trick with these richer tones for fall is to find a  deeper color that enhances your natural coloring of your skin tone. You can choose to add strands of spice to your hair with free flowing highlights or transform your entire color with reds and rich copper tones. The choice is really up to you. But to stay on this seasonal trend you need to embrace the coppers and reds and steer away from chocolate browns.

Pumpkin Spice Hair Color is Bold and Sophisticated

This look is bold yes, but it does not have to be overwhelming or obnoxious. In fact it can be subtle by using a balayage technique. This approach is perfect for those of you looking to achieve a blended and sophisticated look.

If you are thinking about taking your love of fall to the next level with this seasonal trend, we can help. Now is a great time to change things up and stay on trend with your hair color. You can give us a call to book your appointment, but hurry fall is almost over and winter is sweeping in fast. We offer amazing hair color services in Denver! Give us a call at (303) 968 4222 today!