How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

The number one question we get at Glo Extensions Denver Salon is how much do hair extensions cost? Obviously, this is a consideration to look at for those that want to get the hair extensions they have been thinking about and dreaming of forever, right? Extensions truly are the key to long hair that’s beautiful and full of life.

Laura Estrella, our star salon coordinator, goes into this fact about cost and much more in this very helpful video.

The actuality is that the price does vary quite a bit, depending on the type of extension set a client chooses, so it’s kind of hard to come up with a blanket answer. First let’s look at a few different ways to categorize hair extensions and what they may cost in general.

Clip Ins Generally Cost The Least

Before and After 20" Clip In Hair Extensions - Glo Extensions DenverThe Clip In Extensions we offer at Glo Denver usually run between $110 to $525 (plus tax). This depends on the type of hair (thickness), the length, and how many clip ins you’ll need for your specific head of hair. During your consultation, your stylist will be able to quote you the specific price for your Clip In Extensions.



Semi-Permanent (Tape In Hair Extensions) Or Fusion Extensions Vary Widely

Before and After Tape In Hair Extensions- Glo Extensions DenverThis is where it gets a little harder to give you a range of prices that are accurate. Semi-permanant are what we call at the salon, tape-in extensions. These have a tons of colors and different types available, so until we get to meet you in person to take a look at your hair, it’s too difficult to quote an exact price. Sorry about that! That’s just how it goes. We need more information by finding out your needs and looking directly at what your hair is like.



Before and After 22" Fusion Hair Extensions - Glo Extensions DenverThis is the same reasoning that fusion extensions have as well for price consideration. Color, length, and thickness, all have to be determined to get the price nailed down for you. Keep in mind that once you have the consultation, which takes about 45 minutes, you’ll walk away knowing exactly how much your own set of extensions will cost. We’re not going to surprise you on that. Just to give you a ballpark idea, it could be anywhere in the range of a couple of hundreds of dollars to even a thousand or more.


It’s better to not speculate on a set of extensions cost, but to just go ahead if you’re interested to come in for the free consultation. Call us today to schedule with any of our talented stylists at Glo Extensions Denver Salon to figure out exactly what extensions will cost you or book an appointment here.