Hair Extensions: Taking Away the Fear of Heat!

Hair Extensions and Heat hair

Many extensions applications involve the use of heat. From fusions all the way to Great Lengths, using heat to bond hair extensions is quite common, however there is a fear that many newcomers experience when it comes to using heat on their hair. For many, the fear of heat damage is often the only obstacle standing in the way to getting gorgeous hair extensions. We are here to break down that fear and let you know that using heat to bond your hair extensions is not such a big deal.

Hair Extensions: Don’t Fear the Iron

Think about this…most of us use a flat iron or curling iron at least once a week on our entire head of hair right? Now think about how hot your flat iron actually gets, most styling irons heat up to a whopping 450 degrees! This kind of heat is extremely harsh on the hair yet, for some odd reason it is acceptable and most of us do not fear it.flat iron

Hair Extensions: Learn from a Pro

On the flip side, it only takes a few brief seconds of 120-degree heat to bond and extension, and usually no damage is done. If you have a trusted professional applying your extensions, there is nothing to worry about! By putting the heat we use on our hair in perspective it certainly makes heat bonded extensions look much less intimidating.


Posted for Glo Extensions By Taylor E. Hensel

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