Frizzy Hair Busters

frizzy hair Glo Salon DenverAre you battling frizzy hair in the humid weather?

The summer hair frizzies are a well known problem. Do you remember that episode of “Friends” where they went to Barbados and Monica’s hair was out of control frizzy? Her hair was a huge ball of frizz!

Frizzy hair is caused by extra humidity in the air. It’s just that simple, but the havoc it wreaks on your hair is not.

Naturally straight hair gals don’t have to worry too much about frizz. We call those people insanely lucky. Most people though have some kind of wave, curl, or body to their hair that is prone to frizz. You could say to heck with it and pull your hair back in a tight bun all summer, but that’s not a fun look for everyday. Variety in your hair styles is the spice of life. So here are some frizzy hair busting tips that are going to give you the sleek strands and waves you crave all summer long.

The Right Products for Frizzy Hair

Usually one product alone isn’t enough to combat a head full of frizz. Try this threesome to prevent hair from getting frizzy. First don’t rough up your cuticle with a towel when you get out of the shower. Blot it gently with soft t-shirt, then when it’s still fairly soaking wet you want to apply a leave- in-conditioner. Then your next step is to apply a silicone based product like a serum to seal the hair cuticle. Picture it working like a shield for frizz. Finally you want to put on a layer of an anti-humidity based gel. Those three products together, starting at the ends of your hair and working your way up to the root, are going to be your powerful frizz fighting threesome.

frizzy hair Glo Salon Denver

Air Dry Whenever Possible

Ever blow dry your hair in your hot house and find that your sweat is making your hair even more frizzy? The solution is simple. Air dry whenever possible. Or if you have to blow dry your hair, do it on a cooler setting with a diffuser to banish frizz.


frizzy hair Glo Salon DenverGet a Satin Pillowcase

Fight frizz while you sleep by laying your head down on a satin or silk pillowcase. It’s much more gentle on the hair shaft promoting smoother strands. You’ll be amazed at how much better your hair will look when you wake up. These pillowcases are easy to find at your local big box store for around ten dollars

Prevent Frizzy Hair with a Deep Conditioner

Dry hair tends to get frizzier because it drinks in the humidity, so it’s essential to condition weekly with a deep masque. Apply it to towel dried hair, and let it sit for a couple of hours at least. This is easy to do on the weekends if you are sitting outside in the sun. Just pile it all on the top of your head to let the natural heat of the rays activate the hair conditioning masque.

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