2014 Hair Trends at the Emmys!

The 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards were certainly not disappointing when it came to amazing gowns and hairstyles! Although there were some stunning looks, there were two hairstyles that seemed to be trending: beachy waves and buns variations! Textured hair seemed to be very popular as stars like Julia Roberts and Kerry Washington were among the many ladies rocking the laid back style. While others like Sarah Hyland and Claire Danes went with fun buns alternatives to spice up their looks.

Here is a look at the best styles of the night!

2014 Hair Trends – Julia Roberts/Classic

While this look screams “classic Julia Roberts” we love it anyways! Her effortless waves are stunning yet simple!

2014 Hair Trends – Kerri Washington/Texture

Kerry Washington’s hair looks textured and amazing, her tresses are styled just right. Her hair is not overly- straightened yet not too texturized either. Needless to say, she looks stunning.

2014 Hair Trends – Sarah Hyland/Structured Bun

Young, fresh, and classy are just a few words that come to mind whe describing Sarah Hyland’s hair for the award show. Her structured bun is right on trend and has her looking fabulous.

2014 Hair Trends – Claire Danes/Bun with a Twist


Claire Danes’ approach to the updo is fun and flirty. Her bun with a twist adds sass and style to her overall look. We love this braided bun trend!


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