Hair Color How To: Make a Complete and Dramatic Change.

Hair Color How To: Make a Dramatic ChangeHave you ever wanted to drastically change the color of your hair but were not quite sure how to go about it? The truth is, switching up your hair color is not an easy decision, especially if you have never tried the specific color you want to change to before. We have some hair color how to tips to assist you in your choice to make a daring color switch this season. Ultimately, if you are going to take the color plunge be sure you trust your stylist! Also, be sure you are committed and ready for a bit of a shock at first!



Shay before and After.001Hair Color How To: Consider your motives

A drastic change is a big step and the only way to make sure you’re really taking a step in the right direction is to spend some time trying to decide what is it that you want your new color to do for you.

Are you hoping the new, different hair color will help you look younger? Trying to fulfill a dream of being a redhead, blonde, and brunette for the first time? Or how about the shock and awe? By identifying your goals and expectations you can prepare yourself and narrow your search for the perfect color.

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Hair Color How To: Find your ideal color

It is advisable to spend some one-on-one time with your mirror and focus on your features without any makeup in order to choose the perfect shade for your complexion. If you want to do a bit more in-depth research, try visiting a wig shop to try on all of the shades you desire or that look interesting. This will allow you to see yourself with that color on your skin tone!


2014 BEFORE & AFTERS.012Hair Color How To: Give your desired color a test drive

Once you have got your perfect color figured out, it’s time to give it a test ride! If your shade happens to be much lighter than your natural color, the wig trying experience is as far as you can go before making it permanent. However, if you are looking to go darker or simply with a different color, you can always go for a non-permanent dye that’s easy to remove in case you’re not completely satisfied with the look.



Take a look at the transformation our stylist Summer made going from short blonde to long and red…talk about a dramatic color change! If you are ready to make a fun and exiting change like Summer get started with these helpful tips today!

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