How to make your hair thicker

If you are blessed with gorgeously thick hair, then you are one lucky gal. Most people have the desire to have thicker, fuller hair that is flowing with body. You’ve seen the pages of glamour magazines before. Everyone seems to have perfect hair. How is that possible? Well, with the right hair products and maybe a few hair extensions anything in hair can become a reality. All you have to do is know the right tips. Here are some that are guaranteed to make your hair much thicker.

how to get thicker hair Glo Salon DenverGet The Right Haircut

Sometimes the right haircut for thin hair can help immensely by giving the illusion of thicker hair. You can get long layers placed in the right spots to make your hair look like it has more natural body. Just make sure the stylist doesn’t cut them with a razor, since that can tend to make the hair look too wispy.

Regular trims make hair look thicker too! Another reason your hair might not look full enough is that the length isn’t healthy anymore.  Split and frayed ends can appear thinner. To make damaged hair look thicker, try taking off a good two inches of length so that all the dead ends are gone. Your hair will look great, feel great and it will automatically look fuller.

how to get thicker hair Glo Salon DenverUse Mousse or Other Volume Products

Mousse is just one of those products known to pump some volume into your hair. It’s lightweight so it won’t weigh down the hair, giving you the illusion of fullness. This is especially true when you get a blowout with a large round brush. Try to get some volume at the crown. You can even blow dry your hair upside down to increase the volume.

There are also plenty of volumizing styling sprays on the market that you spray directly on your roots to give them a lift. Invest in some volumizing shampoo and conditioner as well so that your cleansing products aren’t weighing your hair down either. It makes a big difference when it comes to a lighter conditioner that isn’t dragging all your volume down by coating your strands with too much heavy product.

Dry Shampoo Can Fluff Up Your Hair

Did you know that dry shampoo is actually a terrific volumizer? This even works on clean hair. It doesn’t have to be day old to receive the benefits of this powder based spray. Part your hair in a few different places around your roots and spray on the dry shampoo. Then rake your fingers through your hair to spread the product around giving you the mega volume you crave.

how to get thicker hair Glo Salon DenverExtensions, Extensions, Extensions

Sometimes thin and fine hair is just the luck of the draw. Hereditary plays a part in the hair you have, so if you have parents with thinner hair then it might be your lot in life. No one says you have to stand for it though. Get some high quality hair extensions to boost a little volume into your hair. More hair is obviously going to look thicker, even if it’s just “faux hair”, it’s still gorgeous. Talk to your stylist at Glo Extensions in Denver to consider all your hair extensions options.   Call (303) 968 4222 to book an appointment.  You’ll be able to throw around your full hair of head in no time!