Heather’s Brunette Hair Transformation: Before and After

The owner of Glo Salon in Denver shares her very own hair color transformation for Spring

It’s almost time for arguably the best season of the year. Spring is almost sprung! When it comes to hair color, everyone is itching to get lighter highlights to brighten up their features and complement the sunny season. For the owner of Glo Extensions Denver Salon it wasn’t any different. Her hair had a variety of rich lowlights for a darker brunette color that, while great in wintertime, didn’t exactly scream spring fabulous.

The process to change a hair color from almost black to golden brown is not a one step process, especially if you want to have some dimension. You have to be patient with the process and let your colorist make the right recommendations on the steps needed to create your new hair color.

From dark brown hair to a cinnamon golden brown hair color

Spring Hair Color Transformation - Glo Extensions Denver

In the pictures you can tell that the owner, Heather Occhionero, went from black to a cinnamon golden brown look that took five different sessions to get the color just right. The reason the color had to be just so, was that the extensions she ordered were the exact color she wanted. Warm and rich, with an almost shimmer when the sun hits the color just right. You can see the golden brown highlights right by her face that really showcase the incredible bone structure of her cheekbones.

We do recommend that you color your hair first your desired shade, before you order your extensions.

Here’s how the entire hair color process went step by step.

  • Color extractor to remove some of the old color ($75)
  • Then the colorist did a full balayage ($200-275)
  • Toner ($25-50)
  • Haircut ($50)

Spring Hair Color Transformation - Glo Extensions Denver

Of course, doing all these services to get your hair right does cost a pretty penny, but your colorist can give you a customized price for a color correction service. Most salons tend to charge by the hour and this can get quite expensive up around $300-600.

Beautiful hair color does take time, especially if you are changing up your color completely for spring. Great hair is sometimes a journey. Stylists and colorists, while they seem almost like magicians, have some serious work to do in making hair just as glorious as it can possibly be.

Call us today to schedule a free hair color consultation to figure out just how spring hair color can put a “spring in your step” and a smile on your face.  Learn more about our hair color services.