Top 5 Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Trends 2017

Valentine’s Day HairstylesIt’s almost Valentine’s Day! For some people this is a chance to get dressed up, go out for a fancy dinner, party with your gal pals, and just generally celebrate life. Looking fabulous on that day is important with or without that special someone. Rock your own glamorous hairstyle in the spirit of loving yourself. Here are the top 5 Valentine’s Day hairstyles you should try by Glo Hair Salon in Denver.

Style #5: The Undone Knot

   The undone knot with wispy curls along the sides of your face is hair that says “I’m a little mussed and totally sexy.” This isn’t fussy hair, but rather a total cool girl look. You achieve it by using wave spray and gently pulling back the hair at the nap of the neck in a casual knot. The part isn’t very defined since the whole look is effortless chic. When you twist it into the back knot, let a few pieces fall out to give it some added texture. Finish the look with some non-sticky holding spray. It’s meant to be a windswept and random, without too much precision.

Shiny WavesStyle #4: Shiny Waves

   Shiny hair is always in, but during harsh winters by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around your hair has been a victim of the elements. Prior to the big day, do a deep conditioning mask and an all over coloring process that boosts shine at Glo Salon in Denver. That way your hair will look as healthy as possible. Then shiny waves are easy to achieve with a big barrelled curling iron. Play with our Interactive Hair Style Gallery to see some long waves in action.

Style #3: Side Fishtail Braid

  Braids just whisper romance. It may be from the days of the Greek Goddess era during the Flavian period of 79-81 CE, when the daughter of the Roman Emperor, Julia, created the most gorgeous elaborate braids with wires and twisted updos. You don’t have to get that crazy complicated. Instead have a Glo stylist do a sophisticated side fishtail braid. This kind of hairstyle looks sensational with a little black dress, smokey eyes, and a glossy lip.

Style #2: Twisted Updo

   An updo is the look to present when you are ready to party the night away. The main reason is that, if you have it professionally done, it’s going to last the duration of the evening. Dance the night away into the wee hours with your best pals at the hottest club in town this V Day, if you dare. With the twisted updo, your look will be a hit wherever you go.

valentine's day hairstylesStyle #1: Long and Sleek

   When you have gorgeous hair extensions, sometimes you just want to show them off in a simple chic way. Long and sleek is the ultimate look of 2017. Get a blowout done on the big day to make your Glo hair extensions look their finest.

If you don’t have the hair extensions of your dreams yet, make it a reality come true this Valentine’s Day. Don’t you deserve to have beautiful hair that will turn heads? Of course you do! Call (303) 968-4222 or email our staff to book your complimentary consultation to find out which extensions will work best for your head of hair.

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