Hair extensions care while on vacation

wavy-prom-hair Keep your hair extensions looking great before, during and after your vacation.

If you are planning a vacation, keep in mind your hair extensions will be a little more work, especially if you plan on hitting the beach! Luckily, we have some amazing tip to help you keep your extensions looking like new for longer.


When you are stuffing your suit case full of too many shoes, do not forget to pack your hair care products. Be sure to bring along shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions to ensure they stay soft and smooth. Another great tip is to bring along hair oils. These will keep the moisture levels in your hair even.

Avoid chlorine and salt water

For most of us, dunking our hair under water is not that appealing, usually splashing around in the cool water is enough. When wearing extensions it is important to keep them out of the chemical filled pool or damaging sea water. These harsh waters will only do damage and tangle your hair extensions.

Brush Often 

Take your brush wherever you go. Salt in the air can cause your locks to tangle and become unmanageable. If you brush your hair every so often you can prevent a serious situation for occurring. Do not brush your hair wet however, let it dry. Brushing your wet hair could easily result in bond damage.

Book an appointment for after you return home

Having your hair extensions tended to after your trip is a great idea. Allow you stylist to fix any damage that occurred!