5 minute hairstyles for busy mornings!

If you are like most of us, you don’t have extra time to spare in the mornings. That is why having chic go-to speedy 5 minute hairstyles is important! Here are just a few ideas to keep you looking trendy and put together when you are on a time crunch.

 5 minute Hairstyles: Top Knot

Just because a topknot is a very simple hairstyle doesn’t mean it can’t be chic. Even Jennifer Lopez prefers to show off the hairstyle on the red carpet. To get the look, pull hair into a ponytail, backcomb the ponytail, and then wrap hair around the base before pinning into place.

5 minute Hairstyles: Side Bun

If you don’t have time to straighten your locks, just try a playful bun like Maria Menounos’. All you have to do is twist to the side and clip in place with bobby pins and allow for some strands to frame your face.

5 minute Hairstyles: Blow Out

Switch up your blowout by brushing the hair in an outward motion. This style instantly opens up the face like it did for Julianne Hough! The best part is you don’t need hair ties, clips or bobby pins.

5 minute Hairstyles: Nix Unwanted Volume

If you wake up and your hair seems to have a mind of its own, flatten it a bit by creating a deep center part and pulling some sides behind the ears like Ashley Greene. This will give you a classic look and no one will have any idea that your hair isn’t playing nice.








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