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Hair Extensions
What are Glo Hair Salon's hours?
How do I book a hair appointment?
How do I book a Hair Extensions Consultation?
How do I care for my hair extensions at home?
Can I get hair extensions on short hair?
Are weft extensions right for me?
Do you charge for a Consultation?
How much do hair extensions cost?

You can see our opening times and get our exact address here

It's very easy to book a hair appointment at Glo Extensions Denver. You can call us on (303) 968-4222, or use our online request form here

We are happy to offer a FREE in-person hair extensions consultation in a private setting. You can learn more about what happens during our free consultation appointment and send us your consultation request here:

When you leave Glo Extensions Denver, you'll have instructions on how to care for your hair extensions in between appointments. The specific care and maintenance will vary depending on the type of hair extensions, but regardless of what type of bonds you have, you'll need to spend a little extra time each day to keep your extensions looking beautiful.

Helpful links on how to care for your hair extensions on the Glo Blog:

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Hair extensions care while on vacation.

Home care for my Great Lengths hair extensions

Yes, as long as your hair is at least 3-4 inches long and in good condition, you can get hair extensions.

Learn more about hair extensions for short hair.

There is a lot of buzz about weft hair extensions, hidden beaded row extensions, and for good reason. They are super natural looking and the bonds are very durable. However, before getting hand tied weft extensions, you should do your research and see if they are right for you.

Are hand tied extensions right for me?


Hair extensions consultations are free of charge!

Because of the customized nature of our service, the cost of your hair extensions will vary based on the application method, length, density, and the amount of hair required to create your style. The cost of your hair extensions can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Learn more about how much hair extensions cost at Glo Salon in Denver.

Hair Extensions Cost: You Get What You Pay For